Movies, well, move me, and I appreciate hearing from rising stars. Many attend the Toronto International Film Festival, where I've been fortunate to speak with directors from SyriaFinland and Nollywood.

At the first annual OZY Fest in New York's Central Park, I coordinated our team's editorial coverage and hosted a panel with the artists Kazuhiro Tsuji and Zaria Forman. Their work is definitely worth checking out. As for bands, one of my nostalgic favorites continues to be The Hip.

In the "TV" department, I'm a sucker for political thrillers. The Politician’s Husband was riveting, though I long wondered: How real are U.S. hits such as "Homeland," "House of Cards" and "The Americans"? I asked a former spy chief to weigh in. (Keep in mind we spoke before a certain brash billionaire became president.)